The BK Family.

What started as one man’s passion for lasers has expanded to become the Midwest’s premier facility for laser cutting, screen printing, digital printing, fabrication and more. Even though we’re still big kids at heart, BK Laser has grown up, and we bring our expertise to every project.

BK Leadership Team.

Ben Skaletski
Ben SkaletskiPresident and Founder

An avid entrepreneur, Ben realized the need for a high-quality manufacturing company focused on customers’ needs for laser cutting and printing in 2007. With the help of his wife and daughter, he founded BK Laser in 2008. Ben’s passion for laser cutting began in the mid-1980s, and he brings a wealth of expertise in the manufacturing industry. Ben is involved in all aspects of the company and is hard working, honest and dedicated to making every effort to ensure the company succeeds. He believes that an optimistic company culture increases employee morale, resulting in positive productivity and high-quality products.

Vicky Skaletski
Vicky SkaletskiExecutive Vice President

Vicky was instrumental in helping get BK Laser off the ground and has been with the company since before it officially opened its doors for business. She is the glue that connects the pieces of the financial puzzle together, from accounts payable to accounts receivable. Many customers enjoy speaking with Vicky and appreciate her commitment to ensuring their orders are complete and accurate.

Dawn Smith
Dawn SmithDirector of Production

Dawn is an experienced manager and has been in the manufacturing industry since the early 2000s. She has been with BK Laser since its inception and takes a friendly, dependable approach to customer responsiveness, particularly estimating and customer orders. In her role as Director of Production, Dawn works with the production teams to handle order fulfillment, inventory management and production scheduling.

Rachel Wild
Rachel WildBusiness Manager

Rachel has been with the company since before it physically opened its doors by helping write the initial business plan. With a detail-oriented and business-administration emphasis, she takes great care in ensuring things run smoothly in the office — from HR functions to financial analysis as well as some graphic design. Rachel grew up watching Ben’s manufacturing adventures and has an appreciation for the dedication it takes to have a successful business.

Tracie Kapler
Tracie KaplerBusiness Development Manager

Tracie joined our team in 2020. She has decades of business, training and program management experience across multiple industries. As BK Laser continues to grow and diversify, her detail- and process-oriented nature helps align operations to match the company’s strengths and goals. She enjoys insightful collaboration with internal teams to enhance operational effectiveness to best serve our customers.

Diane Thomas
Diane ThomasAccount Manager

Diane joined BK Laser in 2020 and hit the ground running. She has been in the manufacturing industry for more than 30 years and is very knowledgeable in the various aspects of the plastics fabrication industry and point-of-purchase displays. She has excellent relationships with her clients and takes great pride in making sure customer needs are met in a friendly and timely manner.

Tyler Keenlance
Tyler KeenlanceProject Manager

Tyler has been with BK Laser since 2016 and involved in the manufacturing industry since the early 1990s. His well-rounded expertise enables him to understand projects from conception to final project completion, including product design and technical specifications. Tyler takes special care and an enjoyable approach to working with and understanding the needs of our customers.


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