Common packaging options:

  • Shrink wrapping
  • Poly bags
  • Zip-top bags
  • Auto bagging
  • Bulk packaging
  • Kit packaging & fulfillment

Made — and shipped — in the USA.

Whether assembly and packaging are a standalone service or part of a bigger project, we make your products delivery-ready.

While we primarily work with acrylics, plastics and wood, we’ve handled metal-fabricated parts, powder-coat-painted parts and more. As with all of our capabilities, we pour our passion for quality into the assembly and packaging processes.

With kit packing and fulfillment, we can pack items together in certain groupings or pieces. When it comes to kitting, we’re not kidding!

We’re also happy to offer drop shipping for our customers — and shipping “blind” so your customer doesn’t know it came from us — to anywhere in the country and with limited export internationally.

Why BK Laser is better:


We’ve tapped into the latest technology and have customized our own proprietary equipment.


Many customers love the fact we have the capabilities to create products from start to finish.


We keep our glue joints as bubble-free and shrink wrapping as tight and clear as possible.


We are the solution.

Have a project that needs special attention? Have a crazy idea and you need someone to listen, understand and help you implement it? Yeah, we should talk!