Common applications for laser cutting:

  • Acrylic rulers and templates
  • POP displays
  • Letters for signs
  • Promotional and gift items, such as key chains
  • Home décor products

It’s in our name and in our blood.

BK Laser and precision laser cutting go together like peanut butter and jelly — a truly sweet combination.

Laser cutting is the bedrock of our business. It was BK Laser’s founder and president Ben Skaletski’s passion since before Day 1. We take a bigger-is-better approach, tackling larger sizes than our competitors and thicknesses up to 1.5″, while maintaining the precision your project demands. We also offer in-house engraving and etching.

Whether laser cutting is your only need or part of a larger project, our laser cutting capabilities ensure an efficient, excellent result.

Why BK Laser is better:


We meet standard tolerance (±0.005”) and are capable of very close tolerance (±0.002”).


Because our lasers polish edges while cutting, there’s no need for a secondary process.


Our large cutting tables can make a continuous cut up to 48″ x 96″ and larger pieces in sections.


We are the solution.

Have a project that needs special attention? Have a crazy idea and you need someone to listen, understand and help you implement it? Yeah, we should talk!