Common fabrication processes:

  • CNC routing
  • Heat/cold bending
  • Flame polishing
  • UV and solvent gluing
  • Diamond edge polishing (up to 20′)
  • Assembly
  • Drilling
  • Etching & engraving
  • Painting
  • Counter-sinking & counter-boring

Put it all together, and you get quality.

Our laser-focus extends to all aspects of our business, including fabrication, which can range from drilling a hang hole in a product to heat bending to diamond polishing — and more!

We have extensive experience in fabricating heat-bent shelf displays, lettering and logos, signage as well as home décor and look forward to expanding our portfolio for this service. Want to know if we can handle a job? Just ask!

Attention to detail, quality products and exceptional aesthetics are what separate us from the competition.

Why BK Laser is better:


We use the right tools for the job to make sure the finished product meets or exceeds expectations.


Our approach to fabrication adheres to the same high tolerances we achieve for all of our services.


Whether you need a single part, several parts or assembly of finished products, we got you covered.


We are the solution.

Have a project that needs special attention? Have a crazy idea and you need someone to listen, understand and help you implement it? Yeah, we should talk!